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New Star Trek Docuseries
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A new documentary series, The Center Seat, exploring the history of Star Trek has been announced celebrating it's 55th Anniversary.

It promises new, never before seen behind the scenes details.

Don't they always?!

Though if you listen to the interview excerpts in the trailer there are a few new gems.

Brent Spiner (Data):
I still find gold in my, you know, various pores.

Now that's dedication.

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Final Dune Trailer
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WarnerBros have released the final Dune trailer.

Many sci-fi fans would already be familiar with the story from either books or earlier films so there's nothing surprising in it.

However there is an interesting quote attributed to

The next Star Wars, Lord of the Rings is here.

Earlier films in those franchises were great and big hits but later ones not so much. Was this intended as a favourable comparison?

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Sontarans Invade Liverpool
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Radio Times report that the BBC yesterday (October 6 UK) projected an enormous Sontaran ship onto Liverpool's George’s Pier Head as another season 13 teaser.

The BBC have also revealed that Liverpool was chosen for the ship projection because that's where season 13 will begin and where the Doctor will meet a new character played by UK comedian John Bishop.

We still have no news on Doctor Who's release date beyond it being this year.

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Spock Frock on the Block
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Doctor Who News reports a Dalek believed to have been used in Dr Who in the 1960s will be coming up for auction.

Expected to sell for between 30,000 and 50,000 pounds (56,000 to 93,000 AUD).

Also coming up for auction will be Spock's sick bay costume from the first Star Trek film.

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Shatner Being NSFW
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Anderson Cooper has tweeted a video of him interviewing William Shatner about his upcoming space flight.

Fair warning, the language gets slightly adult.

Following on from comments on the shape of the rocket, Shatner says that, "We're inseminating the space program." Plus some stuff about insertions and probing.

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Brent Spiner's Fan Fiction
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Nerdist have interviewed Brent Spiner about his recently released novel, Fan Fiction, which is what they're describing as a comedic noir mystery and fictional autobiography:

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Eliza Clark Interview
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Vulture interview Eliza Clark, showrunner of comic book adaptation Y: The Last Man.

For those unfamiliar with the premise it is neatly described in the title. An event of unknown origin kills every male animal on the planet except for one man and his monkey.

Providing a wonderfully rich fictional world in which to explore the very topical issue of gender.

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Sydney Film Festival
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Lifehacker teasingly reports that this year's Sydney Film Festival includes a nice bonus for Sydney folk - an early screening of Dune on November 10 almost a month ahead of the rest of the country.

Then details that single adults tickets have already sold out. Nice for those who managed to nab them.

Concession, youth and group tickets are still available.

And there other films at the festival.

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Boldly Going Nowhere
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According to Hollywood Reporter, the long dispute over use of Seussian language in a Star-Trek Dr. Seuss mash up has been resolved by settlement.

That settlement being permanent injunction on the work entitled Oh, the Places You’ll Boldly Go! in exchange for abandonment of pursuit of financial damages.

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Russian Film Crew on ISS
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SpacePolicyOnline reports that Russian actress Yulia Peresild and film director Klim Shipenko have reached the ISS where they will shoot The Challenge.

The film's premise is that a Russian cosmonaut loses consciousness in flight and requires immediate surgery.

Title seems accurate.



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