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The Hunt Begins
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Upcoming hunt/kill simulations will be the first opportunities to participate as part of the crew which will take Endeavour into deep space. Participants will learn basic navigation and principles and receive practical training on vessel flight and tactical operations, including hands-on experience with ship consoles.

What is a Hunt/Kill Simulation?

A hunt/kill simulation pits two simulator crews against each other, seeking to be the first to hunt down and secure a firing solution against their opponents. Each team is given conflicting mission orders that inevitably draw them into the same space. The mission can only be completed if your opponent is eliminated.

The simulations provide experience for helm and tactical specialists to work co-operatively together on a hunt. Helm operators (quartermasters) gain flight experience and EMDAR operators get to pit their skills against a non-simulated target. The simulations also provide an opportunity for would be officers to gain practical experience managing key bridge teams.

Who Should Take Part?

Above: Typical tactical grid displayIf you’re interested in flight operations, this would be a great first step towards becoming a quartermaster (helm specialist), responsible for all flight vessel flight operations across impulse (sublight) and superluminal (faster-than-light) modes.

If you’re interested in tactical operations, whether it’s target detection, weapons direction or electronic warfare, this training and experience will be a great first step towards becoming a tactical specialist.

But ultimately anyone interested in joining Endeavour's crew will benefit from the these simulations as the skills are fundamental to the mission.

How do I take Part?

Anyone wanting to joining these simulations will be taken through online training which will introduce them to underlying theory and provide practical exercises so they can master their skills. The program includes video, supporting materials and interactive exercises done in your own time, supported by an instructor.

If you’re interested or have any questions, get in touch using the link below.