Immersive Sci-Fi

Immersive sci-fi is a new concept that combines a highly-realistic simulated starship environment with live broadcast and direct game-play participation from its audience.

Set within a non-linear storytelling environment, there are no scripts or video-game narratives. The crew are not actors and every control console is real, so they must rely on their training and experience to complete each mission.

  • Starship Simulator

    A highly-detailed simulated starship interior provides the setting for the on-screen action.

    Everything in this environment is effectively real, with one false button-tap from the crew potentially bringing the mission to a catastrophic end.

  • webcast live

    Multi-camera coverage of every mission is webcast live so you can see the action as it happens.

    Behind the scenes the Mission Operations team manage major plot events and represent other participants, such as vessels.

  • virtual crew

    Only a fraction of the vessel’s actual crew will ever be seen directly on-screen.

    The rest will be virtual crew operating consoles as if they were actually aboard.

    This could be you!