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Star Wars Eclipse
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Among the plethora of trailers and reveals at this year's The Game Awards was a new Star Wars game, Eclipse.

The trailer has all the trappings of Star Wars as you'd expect but that's easy. Whether it will capture its soul is something we might not know for 3-4 years.

That's what Screen Rant reports - relying on a tweet by someone they describe as a reliable industry insider, Tom Henderson.

A few things on #StarWarsEclipse

- Being written by QD Paris (David Cage is very much involved)

- Eclipse is believed to be around 3-4 years away MINIMUM

- QD Paris is currently struggling with hiring staff (I wonder why)

For a newly revealed game which the developers describe as early in development, 3-4 years is not a bad guess but it can vary widely.

Interestingly he has more to say.

The biggest on the dev side is their internal QD engine, which wasn't built for an open-world title.

There are currently 60+ job openings for Quantic Dream Paris and 9 in Montreal. -

This isn't an open-world title.

There isnt much information about the game but their official website describes it as:

A new action-adventure, multiple-character branching narrative game set in the High Republic era, presented to you by Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games.

Star Wars Eclipse lets you play as a diverse cast of charismatic characters, each with their own story, abilities, and role to play in the tapestry of events that could alter the carefully balanced peace of the Outer Rim.

Non-gamers might not recognise that as being not "open world", but gamers and reputable gaming industry insiders should.

For the benefit of non-gamers, open world games allow your character to wander around largely without restriction and do as you please up to and including ignoring any and all story content.

As described, Eclipse is not that so their engine not being built for an open-world title is not an obstacle.

And might shave considerable time off Tom's estimate.

Footage Interpretation

We wouldn't describe ourselves as Star Wars experts but there are a few details in the trailer which caught our eye - namely the lighsaber colours in a few scenes.

In the image pictured here there's blue and yellow.

Lightsaber colour rules aren't absolute but Jedi Temple guards are known to use yellow.

On the bridge we see two lightsaber wielders fighting - one with a green and one with a blue lightsaber.

By those colours and also their dress, they appear to be Jedi.

Are they training? It looks more like a proper fight. In which case at least one of them must have been naughty.

[ Main Image: Star Wars Eclipse Reveal Trailer. Credit: Disney via YouTube. ]


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