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Matrix Versus Marketing
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We've finally worked our through all of The Game Awards reveals to what some might regard as the biggest.

The Matrix Awakens.

Its videos - there's one for the Unreal Engine "experience" and also one for the film - are the longest at 11 and 1 minutes respectively.

But the Awakens video shows the entire experience. It's essentially a brief demo of the kind of game which could but hasn't been made for The Matrix.

The graphical quality is impressive but what's the point?

Perhaps the answer lies in what they take multiple digs at - marketing. They're more dangerous than agents is what they say of them.

Their marketing people know that we know they're not our friends, and crafted this dialogue accordingly.

Don't drop your guard.

Or your wallet.

They're trying to flog their $50 randomized Matrix NFT avatars, and blithering about the freedoms you can only enjoy in a digital environment, while denying you the most basic one offered by most games.

The simple ability to control your appearance.

There's also a new 1 minute clip from the upcoming film of Neo on his way to meet Morpheus.

The Matrix Resurrections releases in Australian Cinemas on December 26.

The game's expected release date?

They're not making one.

During an interview, Keanu Reeves indicated that he would be willing to consider doing a game if he liked the script and Carrie-Anne Moss said that she'd join him.


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