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Tides on Netflix
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Another sci-fi film making its streaming debut on Netflix next month is a movie with two different names - Tides and The Colony.

Sure, why not?

Ultra brief plot summary:

In the not too-distant future: after a global catastrophe has wiped out nearly all of humanity on Earth, Blake, an elite astronaut from Space Colony Kepler-209, must make a decision that will seal the fate of the people on both planets.

Sounds potentially interesting and it was nominated for Best Feature Film in a German sci-fi film festival but the trailer is difficult to judge, consisting mostly of different scenes cut together with voiceover.

Rotten Tomatoes scores it critics 43% and viewers 53%.

Tides premieres on Janurary 11 on Netflix. While the article which announced this specifies in the US, Netflix usually strikes deals for global streaming rights if they can and Tides is only presently available in Australia for purchase or rental.


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