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The Boys Season 3 Teaser
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We now have the first teaser trailer for season 3 of The Boys and it's a shocker.

On first view it's non-stop action set to a snappy tune and the standout is what appears to be supe-hating Billy (Karl Urban) now with laser beam eye superpowers, but upon closer examination - much pausing - there's a lot more to this.

Powered Up Billy?

TV producers have been known to misdirect with trailers in the interest of preserving the mystery of the real story.

At the teaser's end, Homelander (Anthony Starr) looks mildly pensive and Billy even more confident than usual.

Which we'd obviously expect if the playing field had been levelled.

But are they actually in the same room looking at each other or are these sequences from two different scenes?

The walls and ceilings behind Homelander seem a little bit more upmarket than those behind Billy.

Billy might just be fantasizing or dreaming about being suped up and the producers using that footage to throw us off.

We wouldn't hate to see a powered up Billy but we're not completely sure that's what this is.

New Characters

We catch several glimpses of Jensen Ackles (of Supernatural) as Soldier Boy and Laurie Holden (of The Walking Dead and The X-Files) as Crimson Countess.

Parodies of two more Marvel centrepieces - Captain America and Scarlet Witch.

And seemingly it's the latter who has been making heads explode.

While we enjoy The Boys as a series in its own right we also appreciate it as a possible piece of entertainment warfare.

As a relative latecomer to the entertainment scene, Amazon completely missed out on a piece of the lucrative superhero pie and have instead produced two very solid superhero satires in this and Invincible.

If you can't beat them, mock them.

And they're going the extra mile with Soldier Boy.

His personality will be altered to make him worse than Homelander, as opposed to his innocent and oblivious nature in the comics.

Interestingly in the comics there is a Spider-Man equivalent called Web-Weaver but since Sony own Spider-Man and collaborate with Amazon on making The Boys, maybe there's not much interest in bringing him to the series.

Though in the comics he's a very minor character so if they do they'd have a great deal of freedom in how they portray him.

Toxic Masculinity

In November creator and showrunner Eric Kripke promised that season 3 would be a "meditation on toxic masculinity."

Which we suggested could refer to a range of different things.

There was no obvious sign of it here - apart from Billy vomiting green goo on Hughie (Jack Quaid) - but we don't expect the meditation will be so literal.

Season 3 of The Boys premieres on Prime Video on June 3 with three episodes and new episodes weekly until July 8.

[ Main Image: The Boys Season 3 Teaser. Credit: Prime Video via YouTube. ]


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