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Another Moon Knight Teaser
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Same old, same old.

It's another teaser where Mr Moon Knight tells us that he can't tell the difference between his waking life and dreams.

Does that make him a secret agent, he asks?

Well, that's new.

Actually sounds a bit bonkers the way it's set up but if you watch the trailer again - which many people wouldn't but we often do when writing - at the beginning you briefly see him pulling a gun and passport out of a bag.

The way he's holding the gun suggests that he's unfamiliar with it.

Ok, maybe secret agent isn't a completely bonkers theory.

Though on checking - which many people wouldn't but we often do when writing - in the comics he's a former marine and CIA agent.

His other self in the trailer doesn't answer in the negative to the secret agent question. Only saying that it's more complicated.

Dissociative identity disorder (aka multiple personalities) and being the conduit for an Egyptian moon god would qualify as complications.

So it all makes sense when you take the time to dig into it.

But how many people will bother?

It's interesting to see a novel approach to promoting a new series but we wonder how effective this one is.

Moon Knight premieres on March 30 on Disney+.

[ Main Image: Moon Knight teaser. Credit: Marvel via YouTube. ]


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