Immersive Sci-Fi

Immersive sci-fi is a concept we're developing that combines a highly-realistic simulated starship environment with live broadcast and direct game-play participation from its audience.

Set within a non-linear storytelling environment, there will be no scripts or video-game narratives. The crew are not actors and every control console is real, so they will have rely on their training and experience to complete each mission.


The simulator engine allows a full range of vessel systems to be modelled, from fusion reactors to faster-than-light engines to torpedo systems. It uses a specialist 3D interface that requires no development experience, so that anyone can participate in the ongoing improvement of vessel systems.

The simulator engine also provides tactical environment modelling which manages the vessel’s interaction with the universe, including planets or other ships. 

The engine is also used for creation of whole worlds and star systems for later exploration by the crew.


 A self-contained simulated starship interior will provide the setting for the on-screen action.

This is where the crew will interact with the vessel’s simulated systems using touch-screen consoles. Everything in this environment is effectively real, with one false button-tap potentially bringing the mission to a sudden, catastrophic end. All crew must therefore undergo extensive training before they make it into deep space.

Initially an immersive training simulator is available which will be capable of replicating a full range of simulated missions. A highly detailed starship simulator will be constructed for production, using the same underlying simulator systems.


 Behind the scenes the Mission Operations team can actively guiding the mission’s storyline. They are effectively a second, off-screen crew for the rest of the universe, responsible for managing major plot events and representing other participants – such as vessels – tactically and in direct communications.

There is no script to follow and the action will go where the crew takes it, but by providing a sensor blip or system malfunction at just the right time, Mission Ops can guide the on-screen action to ensure a compelling storyline.

The Mission Ops team will be made up of experienced crew members who will know vessel systems inside out. They'll be guided by an editorial team who will guide the action along a matrix of possible storylines, ensuring it is a compelling experience for viewers as well as the crew.


The broadcast team will provide live, multi-camera coverage of every mission so you can see the action as it happens.

Following each mission, the full live coverage will be cut down into episodes that can be watched on demand, enhanced with additional visual effects and footage.


Only a fraction of the vessel’s actual crew will ever be seen directly on-screen. The rest will be virtual crew performing duties as if they were actually aboard, using virtual consoles displayed beside the broadcast window on their computers or tablets.

This could be you! Depending on how actively you want to be involved you can watch the live action, comparing notes with friends and rating the performance of the crew. Or you can sign up for online training programs, learn your chosen craft and operate an actual starship system as part of the crew. 

The on-screen crew themselves are selected from those rising through the ranks of the virtual crew. So not only are contributing to the success of each mission, you could soon find yourself stepping aboard in front of the cameras.