Establishment Crew

There’s already a lot to do within the ISDC concept. Systems have been rolled out across navigation, tactical and engineering that allow tactical mission scenarios to be flown in the simulators, supported by online training through the Academy.

Work on additional systems is underway which will allow increasingly complex mission scenarios to be simulated, including planetary exploration and alien encounters.

By joining now, you’ll have the advantage of early access to training and simulator time that will position you for your choice of leadership roles as Endeavour’s launch draws closer. True to our goal of making this a participatory concept, you’ll also be contributing to the direction the concept takes as it matures.

But we appreciate you might also have to wait for the mission scenarios that truly interest you.

To recognise your early support a limited number of new crew subscriptions will be eligible for Establishment status. This is acknowledged by the Establishment Crew Ribbon which makes the wearer’s seniority instantly recognisable. Establishment crew will have priority access to simulators and events and their subscription will remain discounted for the life of their account.

How to get Establishment Status

To become eligible for Establishment status, first sign up for free membership. This will give you access to the crew site and more information about the system, technology and training available.  

Once you’re ready, upgrade to a crew subscription. This will make online training, simulators and your virtual career available. Your Establishment status will then be recognised right away and will become permanent after holding a crew subscription for six months.