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Welcome Back

UPDATED MARCH 2022 The COVID pandemic has not been easy on anyone and Endeavour’s mission hasn’t been immune. But while our attempts to open up the concept have been delayed, we've used the time to build out new capabilities. And now as lockdown restrictions ease we’re getting ready to welcome new members and crew to the mission.

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Step Aboard Endeavour

Here’s a first look at what life might be like onboard Endeavour: Stage two of the ISDC’s simulation facility has been completed, adding more space and capability for new ship systems to the original realistic sim environment.

Getting Mission Ready

 Above: Inside a simulator, view forward from the ConnIn an unassuming office building in a nondescript part of the city, humanity’s first deep space mission is beginning. Those in surrounding businesses go about their day oblivious that around them strange new worlds are being explored and starship combat waged.

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Endeavour's Crew

How many people will Endeavour need to make it into deep space? That’s a question several teams have been working on recently, for a number of reasons.

It’s a question of crucial concern to the vessel design team, who need to balance the number of people necessary to operate the ship’s systems with the amount of living space needed to ensure safety and comfort on long cruises. Endeavour’s systems will be complex but many functions can be managed by artificial intelligence built into the command and control systems, reducing the number of crew needed.

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