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WE 2 in Oz and NZ

Following the announcement of their US cinematic release, Chinese sci-fi epic The Wandering Earth 2 has announced an Australian and New Zealand release on January 22.

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WE 2 in US Cinemas

Chinese sci-fi epic The Wandering Earth 2 will release in US and Canadian cinemas, including Imax.

It's a prequel to The Wandering Earth by Chinese sci-fi author Liu Cixin who also wrote best-seller The Three Body Problem.

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Wandering Earth 2

A teaser has been released for the prequel to The Wandering Earth which is China's highest grossing sci-fi film.

Interestingly the trailer includes embedded English subtitles so they're pitching this at a global audience.

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Holographic Laser

A Chinese laboratory has showcased a new holographic laser which can strip electrons from air molecules to create light.

This differs from other lasers which require some medium in the air like dust or clouds.

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Mystery Moon Object

For real. This doesn't appear to be another Moonfall promo.

Space.com and a range of other equally reliable sources have reported on an image posted to a China National Space Administration (CNSA) affiliated site taken by their Yutu 2 rover.

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China's First Sci-Fi Opera

Shine have reported on China's first sci-fi Opera titled AI's Variation which premiered a few weeks ago.

The plot is suitably operatic but also futuristic.

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Dune China Controversy

Taiwan News reports the absense of black actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster's character and replacement with Taiwanese actor Chang Chen's character on Chinese promotional posters for Dune.

At this time it isn't known who is responsible for this difference and it should be noted that the US version of the posters have also been seen in China.

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China Loses Satellite

A recent flash in the night sky in New South Wales is believed to have been China's Shiyan-10 satellite. According to Space.com executing an expected upper rocket burn.

 A new object was catalogued in orbit and was likely this satellite but China have since declared it lost.

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China's Sci-Fi Booming

Xinhua reports that China's sci-fi industry exceeded 36.3 billion yuan ($7.8 billion AUD) in the first half of this year. It generated 55.1 billion yuan ($11.8 billion AUD) last year.

How does that compare with Australia? That's a mystery. If those figures are publicly available they're not easy to find.

A Xinhua article from a previous year on the same topic included an intriguiging claim from the government / university report.

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