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Second Dune Film

Legendary has announced the go ahead for the second Dune film with an ETA of October 20, 2023.

At the cinemas only. No same-day streaming release.

Having already performed strongly overseas prior to the US premiere, ticket sale expectations were high but tempered by uncertainty because of the simultaneous release on HBO Max.

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Dune's VFX & Sound Effects

Focusing on Dune's sandworms, this Wired piece looks at how the visual and sound effect teams tackled the gargantuan task.

In the visual department they converted their greenscreens to sandscreens so they could shoot in the desert to allow all of the beauty shots to look their most natural.

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Building the World of Dune

EditorX interviewed Dune's production designer, Paul Vermette to learn how its massive world was constructed.

This is an interesting piece which details how designers tried to make each planet's architecture and style be a realistic response to its environment and sometimes also politics.

And also weave together a range of different historical styles from Earth's history.

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No Worm's Sky

Almost certainly astutely timed to capitalise on Dune's release, Hello Games have launched Expedition 4: Emergence.

The theme is very wormy and the ultimate reward is a sandworm, titanic spawn egg.

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More on Bonkers

A few weeks ago James McAvoy shared some advice given to him by Claudia Black about science-fiction.

It's bonkers and needs to be believed more than good writing.

Word of this has circulated back to Claudia and she has responded at length. She remarks that it might be her longest twitter thread ever.

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Final Dune Trailer

WarnerBros have released the final Dune trailer.

Many sci-fi fans would already be familiar with the story from either books or earlier films so there's nothing surprising in it.

However there is an interesting quote attributed to Collider.com:

The next Star Wars, Lord of the Rings is here.

Earlier films in those franchises were great and big hits but later ones not so much. Was this intended as a favourable comparison?

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Sydney Film Festival

Lifehacker teasingly reports that this year's Sydney Film Festival includes a nice bonus for Sydney folk - an early screening of Dune on November 10 almost a month ahead of the rest of the country.

Then details that single adults tickets have already sold out. Nice for those who managed to nab them.

Concession, youth and group tickets are still available.

And there other films at the festival.

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Sci-Fi is Bonkers

According to James McAvoy of Dune and X-Men fame, Claudia Black of Farscape, Stargate and The Nevers fame, reckons that sci-fi is bonkers. James agrees.

So reports Slashfilm when he was asked if he had any advice for Timothee Chalomet of new Dune fame:

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Dune Passes 100 Million

Collider reports that not yet released in the US - which will happen on October 22 - Dune has passed the $100 million (US) mark for international takings.

It currently occupies 28th position for 2021 films. Ranked by international takings it jumps to 20th.

Australians will be able to see it in cinemas on December 2.

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Graham Norton Sci-Fi Fest

Well not quite, but they've announced that their October 15 (UK) sofa guests will include Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker and Dune's Timothee Chalamet (Paul Atreides).

Two leads from major sci-fi properties might be worth tuning in for. If you weren't going to anyway.

That'll be season 29, episode 4 and Nine's website says we'll be getting season 29 episode 1 on October 6. So maybe expect to see this episode here towards the end of October.


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