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More Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars dropped a short one minute gameplay trailer during the June game trailer blitz.

Joining that now is a twelve minute video.

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Star Ocean Release Date

Sci-fi / fantasy roleplaying game Star Ocean the Divine Force has announced a release date with a new trailer.

Said trailer is packed with cringe-inducing dialog but additional videos showcasing characters and combat, and the opening scenes look much more promising.

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Xel Release Date

Top down and time-bending action roleplaying game XEL has been given a release date with a new story trailer.

Billed as a sci-fi love letter to the classic Zelda games it features a protagonist who must use gadgets and time travel to solve puzzles and overcome enemies.

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Tiny Tina on Steam

Fantasy tabletop roleplaying game inside a sci-fi looter shooter Tiny Tina's Wonderlands have dropped a triple news bomb.

On June 23 its third DLC Molten Mirror will release and the game, previously an Epic exclusive, will become available on Steam. The next class has also been revealed - Blightcaller.

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Aquatico Alpha

Alpha gameplay footage has been published for a new "underwater survival city builder simulator" titled Aquatico.

Is it truly a survival game though?

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Get Out of My Space

Indie developer OnionMilk have released a gameplay trailer for their turn based tactical game, Get Out of My Space.

Which turns a common gaming and film scenario on its head.

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Steam Next Fest - June

Digital gaming storefront Steam is gearing up for another Next Fest from June 13 to 20 at 10 AM Pacific time.

For we Aussies that will be June 14 to 21 at 3 AM.

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Spice Wars Release Date

Funcom have announced the early access release date of April 26 for strategy game, Dune: Spice Wars.

Also entirely unsurprisingly revealing the Fremen as one of the playable factions.

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Superfuse Super Fun

There was more than one interesting development during our absence but when writing our catchup one was so substantial that we felt it warranted its own space.

Raw Fury announced a positively brilliant looking futuristic action roleplaying superhero game called Superfuse and offered a preview at the Game Developer Conference.

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IGN Steam Deck Review

If you've had your eye on the Steam Deck you'd probably know that IGN chose to withold their review of the device which launched nearly three weeks ago, until certain updates were released.

Those updates are now available and IGN have published both a written and video review.


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