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Prey Teaser

20th Century have released a teaser for their soon to be released Prey film, set in the Predator universe.

An alien hunter armed with advanced technologies versus a Commanche warrior armed with bow and hatchet.

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Leaving The Empire

Actress Adele Haenal has departed from French sci-fi film L'Empire (The Empire), and the film industry entirely, claiming it to be racist and sexist.

Initially she had thought the film to be a fun Star Wars type affair but reports that the script is "full of jokes about cancel culture and sexual violence".

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Classic Boobs

Several months ago a Kickstarter campaign was conducted to fund a John Carter computer game. Their prospects didn't seem great and it unsurprisingly failed.

You may also recall we gave a boobies warning in relation to an article about a John Carter comic.

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Once upon a time, cosplay (costume play), larping (live action roleplaying) and ARGs (alternate reality games) were the domain of geeks but are increasingly becoming mainstream.

How mainstream, you ask? Ahead of its cinema release next month Jurassic World Dominion, or rather the "Department of Prehistoric Wildlife", has launched a dinotracker website.

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Guardians Wrap

Director James Gunn has tweeted a wrap announcement for the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy.

That's slightly interesting in its own right but when sharing the news he also teased a secret.

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Doctor Strange Takings

Deadline have published a detailed analysis of how Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness fared in its opening weekend.

Raking in $185 million US, that puts it ahead of The Batman ($135 million) and behind Spider-Man: No Way Home ($260 million).

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Surgery Is The New Sex

Warning. You may want to skip this one if you are at all squeamish.

A trailer - from which we pulled our blog title - has been released for upcoming Cannes contender Crimes of the Future.

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Beware My Power

Warner Bros. have released a trailer for their upcoming animated film, Green Lantern: Beware My Power.

"Beware my power" is feistier language than we typically hear from hero types but derives from the standard Green Lantern oath.

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Super Pets Trailer

DC may be second fiddle in the superhero business but they're not rolling over and playing dead as Doctor Strange does his multiverse thing this week.

Instead, they're rolling out the pets and trying to bowl you over with puppy power giving us their second DC League of Super-Pets trailer.

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Lightyear Special Look

All eyes being on Star Wars and Doctor Strange this week, many might regard it as not the best time to put out a trailer.

But what about a "special look"? Does that grab your attention?


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