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John Carter Kickstarter

Last week fantasy author Brandon Sanderson made headlines by revealing that during COVID lockdown he'd managed to write four extra novels and promptly rocketed to Kickstarter's top funded project with a plan to self-publish. Presently $36 million (AU) and several weeks yet to go.

Sci-fi roleplaying video game John Carter: Warlord of Mars'  is not enjoying the same kind of success. With a goal of $750 thousand (AU) they presently only have $8 thousand.

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John Carter of Mars

Earlier this month we saw a Space.com article about a new John Carter of Mars comic book series which we thought not quite interesting enough for our purposes here.

Warning if you're at work or not into boobies, one of the covers shows them.

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Ruin for Disney Sci-Fi Actor

Looper, seemingly independently of the actor in question, report that Disney's flop John Carter ruined star Taylor Kitsch's then blooming career.

Probaby an accurate claim.

Films are the culmination of often years of planning, writing, filming and post production but viewers only see the actors and tend to associate excellence or lack thereof with them, the franchise or maybe studio.

Stars of flops often fade away into obscurity.

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