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Finally... Starfield!

Much anticipated action RPG Starfield finally releases this week, with early access available from September 1.

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Miasma May

Tactical roleplaying game Miasma Chronicles has been given a May 23 release date, announced of course with a shiny new trailer.

Or rather not. True to the game's title it's more dark, murky and mysterious and itself titled "Revelations Must Be Earned".

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Jedi Survivor Story

Electronic Arts this morning released the story trailer for action roleplaying game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and we are nonplussed.

It begins with fortune cookie "wisdom" about fire being cosy but dangerous, and ends with the suggestion that a place is only worth fighting for if the Empire isn't there.

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Steamworld Mine

In January Thunderful Games unveiled post-apocalyptic steampunk construction and management simulator SteamWorld Build.

We were impressed and are pleased to see something new in their latest gameplay trailer - mining.

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Order of the Apocalypse

Amid persistent rumours that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be delayed to later this year or next and with last year's Marvel Midight Suns and Gotham Knights both bombing to different extents, fans of comic inspired or themed gaming might be pleased to know that there's another indie title looking to scratch your itch - Lethal Honor: Order of the Apocalypse for which there is now a gameplay overview trailer.

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Redfall Story Trailer

Now less than two months from release - just around the corner - open world vampire shooter Redfall has a story trailer.

If you've been following the game as closely as us the new stuff is quite some way in, but it's there, and there's also a respectable amount of new gameplay footage.

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Sta R Field

The Australian Classification board has rated Bethesda's upcoming NASA punk action roleplaying game Starfield, R18+ for "high impact" drug use.

Australia is world renowned for video gaming classification strictness and this decision would appear in line with previous ones but we reckon this game is a special case.

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Random Remnant

In gaming and quite possibly every field of commerce one often hears the claim that something truly unique is being sold, but today we saw one which may be real.

Post-apocalyptic souls like Remnant 2's developers have cranked the volume up on procedural generation all the way to the story level so no two players or single player on multiple playthroughs is likely to have the same experience.

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Callisto Contagion

The second DLC for released in December survival horrer The Callisto Protocol has released and it is remarkable, but not in a good way.

Never imagined being asked to pay for a harder difficulty level for a game. The bundle also includes cosmetics but it still feels cheeky charging customers for an extra hard mode.

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System Shock Delayed

The remake of the 1994 first person action adventure PC game System Shock has been delayed from March - which you may have noticed is half over - to May 30.

For the standard reason - they want more time to work on it.


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