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No Man's Crypto

Vice have published an article about an unusual implementation of a cryptocurrency in online space exploration / building / fighting game No Man's Sky.

Hub Coin. By players. Not the developers.

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More Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars dropped a short one minute gameplay trailer during the June game trailer blitz.

Joining that now is a twelve minute video.

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Star Ocean Release Date

Sci-fi / fantasy roleplaying game Star Ocean the Divine Force has announced a release date with a new trailer.

Said trailer is packed with cringe-inducing dialog but additional videos showcasing characters and combat, and the opening scenes look much more promising.

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Sonic Frontiers

Courtesy of a Nintendo Direct showcase we now have another trailer for the upcoming open world translation of a class platformer, Sonic Frontiers.

It shows a bit more of the island, combat and a new area called cyberspace.

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Gotham Knights - Robin

Warner Bros. have released their official Robin trailer for upcoming action roleplaying game Gotham Knights.

While we think the game looks good, this character maybe not so much. Or at least not to our tastes.

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Tina's Molten Mirrors

Looter shooter roleplaying video game Tiny Tina's Wonderlands have released their third DLC Molten Mirrors with a trailer.

We don't see any literal molten mirrors.

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Tiny Tina on Steam

Fantasy tabletop roleplaying game inside a sci-fi looter shooter Tiny Tina's Wonderlands have dropped a triple news bomb.

On June 23 its third DLC Molten Mirror will release and the game, previously an Epic exclusive, will become available on Steam. The next class has also been revealed - Blightcaller.

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Evil West Extended

The question of vampires is a tricky one for us but having watched the newly released extended gameplay trailer (warning - the gore factor is high) for upcoming Evil West, we think this title just sneaks across the line as part sci-fi.

A wild west vampire hunting action game it manages to cross our line courtesy of futuristic steampunk player weaponry.

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Krypto and Ace

In what we think is a first us, we're bringing you news of a kids video game DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace which has released a short clip.

Playing a flying dog with laser beam eyes sounds crazy cool. Bit of a shame this one is designed for kids.

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Developer Interviews

Following June's game trailer deluge, some developers are out giving followup interviews and we've chosen three to take a look at.

High on Life, Gotham Knights and Redfall.


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