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Working 5 to 9

Readers of our blog would know that we have a fuzzy relationship with vampires who straddle the fence between sci-fi and fantasy. Rather than trying to disentangle that we tend to take all comers.

Which brings us to a new comedy film starring Nicholas Hoult (multiple X-Men films), Awkwafina (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) and Nicholas Cage (Ghost Rider) in which lackey abuse inspires stake rather than strike action. See trailer.

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Evil West Chuckles

The Welcome to Evil West trailer featuring Danny Trejo will doubtless delight many gamers who bemoan recent cheap design trends in gaming monetization and longevity promotion.

We laughed so much.

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Revisiting Rice

We didn't realise AMC were developing a new series based on Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire until we saw its trailer.

First thought on seeing it - don't remember anything overtly sexual between Tom Cruise's Lestat and Bradd Pitt's Louis in the 1994 film.

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Evil West

A second extended gameplay trailer has been released for upcoming steampunk western vampire hunting action roleplaying game Evil West.

The first was good but this one tops for it revealing its some of its story and also showcasing more of its techno-wizardry.

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Day Shift Delight?

Based on their inside look and trailer we had pegged Netflix's recently released vampire film Day Shift as possibly enjoyable but in no danger of being excellent.

This is one of those rare and pleasant instances of a film exceeding its promos. However there is a catch.

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Day Shift Trailer

While we weren't blown away by their inside look during Geeked Week, the trailer for Netflix's mercenary vampire hunter film Day Shift, looks good.

Perhaps not great. Some of those gags are old and / or obvious but the whole package looks like it might be fun to watch.

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The Invitation

Sony have released a trailer for vampire film The Invitation (formerly The Bride) starring Game of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei).

It's present day supernatural horror rather than sci-fi but looks to be something at least a little bit fresh in the well populated and rarely original vampire genre.

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Evil West Extended

The question of vampires is a tricky one for us but having watched the newly released extended gameplay trailer (warning - the gore factor is high) for upcoming Evil West, we think this title just sneaks across the line as part sci-fi.

A wild west vampire hunting action game it manages to cross our line courtesy of futuristic steampunk player weaponry.

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Geeked Week Films

Netflix conducted their second day of livestreaming for their annual Geeked Week event celebrating upcoming genre content.

Day Two was dedicated to films and while we don't have enough time to watch the full one and a half hour stream, we have looked at all of the new teasers and trailers.

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What We Do in the Shadows

What We Do in the Shadows is just barely sci-fi by our standards, but a fantastic show nonetheless and we're always delighted to report when great content gets a new lease on life.

FX (aka Fox) have renewed the vampire comedy for a fifth and sixth season ahead of its season four premiere.


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