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The Avatar Billion

We recently theorised that divergent estimates of Avatar: The Way of Water's budget, ranging between $350 million and $1 billion (US) were a matter of the expected effective cost of just this film versus what has already been spent making all four sequels.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, James Cameron details that $1 billion is the expected production cost of all four films.

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Avatar Teases

No surprise here at all. The "final" trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water released a few days ago wasn't their final promo.

There's a new teaser and also a declaration of this being Australian Avatar Week.

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Callisto v Avatar

Earlier this year, fantasy action roleplaying game Elden Ring swung big in the promotion department, with several television commercials starring well known actors and sports people.

The Callisto Protocol has picked up the same bat.

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Avatar Final Trailer

So there's a new and final trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water.

Looking as brilliant as you'd expect.

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Avatar Conservation

Disney is presently running a promotion where for every Avatar inspired ocean creature created on their website, they will donate $5 to The Nature Conservancy for oceanic preservation efforts.

That's nice.

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Ion Sci-Fi 15 November

We're back from our break and this week Avatar 2 to hit cinemas at last but will there be a game to accompany it? Disney splashes the cash for Doctor Who, conspiracy theorist favourite Inside Job is back, has Amazon replaced Stargate creator with its own writers for new series and the latest sci-fi to get the axe.

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Avatar Trailer

Approaching thirteen years after the original's cinematic release, today we have the highly anticipated trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water.

As anyone would expect, it looks fabulously pretty. But doesn't include any shocking reveals.

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Early Avatar?

In what might be a major development on the gaming landscape, out of Disney's D23 Expo came an update trailer for mobile / android MMO Avatar: Reckoning.

Both this and Ubisoft's single player action roleplaying game Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora had been delayed to 2023. This trailer pegs Reckoning as "coming soon".

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Goofy Grace

In an interview with Interview (yes, that's right), Sigourney Weaver has dropped a cryptic and unexpected tease about her character in the upcoming Avatar: The Way of Water film.

I think if Jim Cameron didn’t know me really well, he wouldn’t have cast me as something as goofy as this.

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It's Ok to Go Pee

So says James Cameron in an interview with Empire Magazine about one of the most highly and also long anticipated film sequels, Avatar: The Way of Water.

That's not in reference to the film's title - though we expect it will inspire jokes - but rather the film's three hour length.


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