#Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

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Ions: Best Prod, TV

This week is the first of the technical categories for the Ion Sci-Fi Screen Awards. Best Production, TV recognises the achievements of the production team behind a TV series.

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Ions: Best Actor TV

The nominations are in for the Best Actor, TV category in the 2023 Ion Sci-Fi Screen Awards. Vote for your favourite now!

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Ion Sci-Fi 25 July

This week a big one for Strange New Worlds fans with an early release for the Lower Decks crossover episode and a new musical episode coming, Star Wars: Outlaws preview, Mortal Kombat franchise cross-overs confirmed, Invincible S2 finally gets a release date.

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SNW: The Musical

It's been revealed  that an upcoming instalment of Strange New Worlds will be a musical episode.

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Ion Sci-Fi 20 June

This week Nick Fury is back in MCU's latest series Secret Invasion, Strange New Worlds hits the ground running with season two, a look ahead to Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, a trailer and release date dropped for new Avatar game and a look at grand strategy game Star Trek: Infinite

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I want the season to go. Now.

The much anticipated second season of Star Trek Strange New Worlds has arrived and they’ve definitely hit the new season running.

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SNW Season 2 Date

As the last episode of Star Trek: Picard is set to go to air, a mid-June release date has been announced for season two of Strange New Worlds.

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Star Trek Cross-Over

In a recent interview director Jonathan Frakes revealed he’s working an episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds that features a crossover with animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks.

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Ion Sci-Fi 25 April

We're back! This week a first look at season 2 of Strange New Worlds as well as news of a Lower Decks cross-over episode, Star Wars unveils its next TV series Ahsoka and confirms which three movies survived recent cuts, and a look ahead to the Russo brothers next film The Electric State and its stellar cast.

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Star Trek Day Stuff

Paramount had quite a lot to share with fans during their Star Trek Day livestream.

They've published a summary on StarTrek.com but we'll take a look at new footage and major news.


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