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Nautilus Resurfaces

20,000 Leagues Under the Seas prequel series Nautilus has been resurrected by AMC and will screen in 2024.

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Pantheon Pulled

AMC have swung the axe for a third time in a month, cancelling animated series Pantheon, but with one interesting difference.

Pantheon's second season has not aired but has already been produced.

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AMC Axe Another

Last month AMC cancelled Moonhaven, after it had originally been hailed a great success and renewed for a second season.

Now they've also axed first season still in production sci-fi comedy / drama Demascus, we which we recall sounding rather promising when it was announced.

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In July last year, AMC hailed Moonhaven as their most watched AMC+ exclusive series and their second most watched new series. Also renewing it for a second season.

Now they've cancelled it, amid a slew of cost cutting measures.

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Brand Convergence

For US customers only at this point, but we consider it interesting, YouTube have rolled out their new Primetime Channels.

Not to be confused with Amazon's Prime Video Channels. Though they appear to be much the same - optional subscriptions to third party content.

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Revisiting Rice

We didn't realise AMC were developing a new series based on Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire until we saw its trailer.

First thought on seeing it - don't remember anything overtly sexual between Tom Cruise's Lestat and Bradd Pitt's Louis in the 1994 film.

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Pantheon Trailer

Soon to join AMC's growing library of sci-fi titles is a new animated drama series called Pantheon which now has a trailer and release date.

Once you get past the ubiquitous "feelings rule" bit it starts to get murdery and interesting.

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Beacon 23 Renewed

There's a very good chance you've never heard of Beacon 23 because they're still making season one, but three months into that it has been renewed for a second season.

But you probably would recognise one of its stars, Lena Headey who played Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones and Sarah in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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Moonhaven Clip

IGN have published an exclusive clip for upcoming AMC+ series Moonhaven.

In it we see a bit simmering tension between Joe Manganiello and Emma McDonald.

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Moonhaven Trailer

AMC have released a full trailer for their upcoming Moonhaven series and as with the earlier teaser, it's not what we were expecting.

Said teaser painted a picture of creepy moon cultists masquerading as a utopian community but this trailer portrays them more as the former with elements of the latter.


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