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What's this all about?

In this video we try and answer the one question we get asked most often: what's this all about?

Webcast Live

A crucial part of the immersive sci-fi concept is live delivery of the video action. This enables audiences to watch and participate in the action as it happens.

Broadcast Team

The broadcast team will provide live, multi-camera coverage of every mission so you can see the action as it happens.

Using sophisticated broadcast robotics, the team will not impact on the simulated environment, preserving the realism for crew and audience.

Starship Simulator

The immersive sci-fi concept is powered by a highly realistic simulation engine that is designed to adapt and grow with the ideas of participants.

Simulator Engine

The simulator engine allows a full range of vessel systems to be modelled, from fusion reactors to faster-than-light engines to torpedo systems. It uses a specialist 3D interface that requires no development experience, so that anyone can participate in the ongoing improvement of vessel systems.

Virtual CRew

In immersive sci-fi there are no scripts to provide the answers, so Endeavour relies on her virtual crew for mission success.

Ways you can take part

Access to everything the ISDC has to offer - onscreen action, immersive interactivity, social community - will be available through membership.

Immersive Sci-Fi

This is the future home of immersive sci-fi, where you’ll be experiencing the challenges and danger of deep-space exploration live and as it happens. Taking place in a highly-detailed simulator, there won’t be a script in sight!

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