What Can You Do?

Establishment Crew

Getting in early has its advantages. Already you can fly tactical missions in the ISDC's bridge training simulator and we're continuing to roll out new systems which will make possible increasingly sophisticated and realistic missions.

True to our goal of making this a participatory concept, we’re looking for a early adopters to contribute to the design, testing and improvement of these systems.

You'll be supporting the mission and positioning yourself for leadership roles as Endeavour's launch draws closer.

To recognise your early support, a limited number of new crew subscriptions will be eligible for Establishment status.

Benefits include discounted subscription for the life of your account, priority access to simulators and crew events and recognition with the Establishment Crew Ribbon decoration.

Immersive sci-fi is an innovative entertainment concept which brings together television and gaming to create a new and more engaging genre in which the audience are an integral part of the action.

This will be an unscripted sci-fi universe in which the on-screen team are presented with scenarios and react according to their training and as their characters would, with everything webcast live.

The ship won't just be a stage set. It will be a detailed simulator with complex and realistic systems which viewers can access. If you choose to undertake training, you can become a member of the crew and operate ship systems during live action, on-screen or virtually.

Follow the Mission

Until you’re able to join Endeavour’s adventures after she launches, we’ll be posting articles and video about system development progress, competitive mission simulations and member events. Sign up as a member and stay up to date by joining specialist groups that interest you and contribute your own ideas and suggestions.

Join the Crew

The crew you see on screen won’t be actors, they’ll need to understand the ship systems they control. That could be you! Online training is already available for key systems such as helm and tactical. You’ll have access to the simulator to put what you’ve learnt into practise and have fun flying simulated missions. Sign up as crew, begin your virtual career and be ready when the mission calls.

Develop Vessel Systems

The simulator engine makes it possible to create a full range of vessel systems from main engines through to torpedo systems, without having to be a software engineer. Vessel systems will evolve constantly as upgrades and improvements are suggested by the team.

Choose a system that interests you and join the development team.

Create & Run Missions

The crew’s adventures will be driven by mission scenarios, which include all of the vessels they encounter in space, the planets they explore and the problems they must overcome.

Mission scenarios are designed and run by the Mission Operations team, which is made up of experienced members.