How to Join the Mission

There are a number of ways you can join Endeavour’s mission. Following progress and contributing ideas and feedback, training to become part of the crew or developing mission scenarios are just a few of the possibilities.

Membership is Free

Membership grants access to the crew website which contains more detailed information about the mission and the technology concepts and systems used on Endeavour. You’ll get regular updates and can collaborate with other members and crew in dedicated forums.

You’ll also be the first to access video including technical tours, interviews and crew simulation missions (currently in production).

Enlist as Crew

 To meet the goal of delivering immersive sci-fi we’ll need a starship crew beyond what will be seen on camera, operating systems, monitoring data and making recommendations remotely, but just as if they were on Endeavour.

Members have the opportunity to subscribe and enlist as crew, which opens up access to virtual careers and the Academy.

Create a persona and develop a virtual career. Your profile will display your skills, experience and rank as you gain them and enable you to undertake more complex mission scenarios. Ultimately you could join Endeavour’s crew when she launches.

Train Online at the Academy

 The Academy offers the best way to get hands on with the tech. Online training and remote simulators will give you an understanding of how ship systems work without leaving home.

When you’re ready to fly, you can join a crew team (or form your own) and fly missions in the Academy’s bridge simulator in person or remotely.