Virtual Careers

A real career in deep space would take place over decades, but with immersive sci-fi a virtual career is much more accessible (but not requirement to participate). Training courses take minutes rather than weeks and years of experience can be gained within hours.

Every member has a profile. Your profile can represent you or you can create a completely new persona, with a new name, biography and nationality. Your profile also keeps track of your virtual career.


By completing an online course at the Academy you gain a rating, which means you’re qualified to operate that simulator system during a mission. Your current ratings and those of your crew are displayed on your profile page so it’s easy to match your skills to a mission’s requirements.


Completing missions gives you experience based on the number of hours spent in the simulator. A combination of hours and ratings are used to determine your qualifications and rank as your virtual career advances. Each jump in rank comes not just with prestige but privileges as well.

Virtual careers aren't required to enjoy simulator missions but they add to the experience. Access to the simulator only requires the system ratings described in the mission overview.

Career Tracks

There are different career tracks available depending on what you want to get out of your virtual career.

Initially your choice of track won’t matter too much – it will be your ratings that determine what you do on missions. You can swap between career tracks at any time without affecting your accumulated ratings and experience.

Officers are the coordinators of the ISDC, ensuring the successful completion of missions and...

Crew are the technical specialists of the ISDC and receive applied technical training in their chosen...

The warrant officer program allows civilian-trained specialists to contribute their skills and...

Civilian advisors assist the ISDC by providing analysis and insights into the organisation’s...

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