• The Hunt Begins

    Advanced tactical simulations are now ready to join.

    Fly the ship, hunt down your opponents and secure a place on Endeavour's crew.

  • Immersive Sci-Fi

    Broadcast live from a highly realistic simulator, there are no scripts
    - just the crew's skill and luck.

    This is as real as sci-fi gets.

    Become part of the crew and join the on-screen action as it happens.


At last, the chance to get hands-on with Endeavour is here! Hunt/kill simulations are underway and this...
How many people will Endeavour need to make it into deep space? That’s a question several teams have...
Tactical teams have shared their thoughts on what might happen if Endeavour goes to battlestations. As...
With Endeavour's first systems rolling out of the workshop, a crew will soon be needed to operate them...

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