About the ISDC

The International Strategic Deep-space Command (ISDC) was formed by an international consortium of governments to implement their policies for interaction with extra-terrestrial civilisations.

The ISDC’s key goal is to construct and launch a deep-space exploration vessel  - Endeavour - capable of making first contact with new civilisations and establishing peaceful relations. Its secondary mission is the defence of Earth should those civilisations prove hostile.

ISDC Emblem

The ISDC emblem (also worn on crew uniforms) is based on Pegasus, the winged stallion from Greek mythology long associated with inspiration and for attempting to reach the Gods.

To achieve this the ISDC has a number of alien technologies available that have been reverse-engineered from alien vessels recovered on Earth. There are also a number of human-developed technologies that are far more advanced than is publicly acknowledged.

The ISDC is not officially sanctioned by any member government and secretly draws personnel from science, industry and the military under a number of covers, most notably climate research institute the Milesham Organisation.

It is known that other governments have similar starship construction and exploration programs underway, with the US Air Force the most advanced. Those governments are unaware of the ISDC and their programs are thought likely to conflict with the ISDC’s mission.

This could result in a deep-space cold war or even outright hostilities when they become aware of the ISDC and its mission, most likely when Endeavour is launched.

Join the ISDC

Become part of the mission to explore the galaxy, seek out new civilisations and protect Earth.

There's a wide range of ways you can participate from navigating Endeavour through star systems, scanning and analysing ships and phenomenon enocuntered in space, maintaining and repairing Endeavour's systems, or defending Endeavour from aggressors.