Join the Adventure

Once you step onto the simulator Endeavour becomes real – and you become part of the adventure.

You can even start a virtual career by choosing an area that interests you and completing the simple online training at the Academy. These new skills allow you to join your first missions and with that experience comes career advancement and more complex missions.

Find Your Crew

A simulator isn’t like a computer game so you can’t do it alone. A range of ship systems are used in each mission and you’ll need a crew with the right skills to succeed.

Form your own crew with friends or join an existing crew and collaborate online.

Choose Your Mission

Find a mission that interests you from a growing range of scenarios covering exploration, diplomacy and combat, set within Endeavour’s unique sci-fi universe.

Each mission lets you know what crew skills are required and how long it will take to complete.

When you’re ready, book time in the simulator and the adventure begins!

The sudden appearance of a strange vessel turns a routine mission into a potential first contact...

When intelligence reveals that a rival deep-space program has found ruins of an alien outpost in the...

Take the First Step

The first step on your adventure is signing up.

Membership is free and provides access to more detail about Endeavour’s mission and technology, online collaboration tools and the Academy.