The Academy

The Academy provides access to simple online training to get you up to speed before you step into the simulator.

Courses are available for each ship system and include short videos, reference materials and training exercises. You can use online versions of ship consoles from home to try out your new skills and when you’re ready, flip the console to evaluation mode and complete the exercise to get your rating.


A rating is the in-universe term for a technical qualification. Being “rated” on a system means you’re qualified to use that system in a simulator mission.

Browse the Academy’s curriculum for a ship system that interests you and click the enrol button at the bottom of the course page. That sets things up so when you complete evaluation your rating will be confirmed and appear on your profile page. Your enrolled courses will be displayed for you to access anytime from the Academy portal.

You’ll be assigned an instructor who can provide guidance and answer any questions you have.

Ship systems are designed to be intuitive so courses can be completed in minutes rather than hours.

Once you have your first rating you can join your crew on a mission in the simulator. From there, a combination of ratings and mission hours will advance your virtual career.

Latest Courses

This course covers the operation of the torpedo system, including setting up firing solutions, torpedo configuration and weapons direction.
This course covers tactical sensor systems (EMDAR), including underlying theory, basic interpretation techniques and console operation.
This course covers impulse flight operations including underlying theory, maneuvering, basic navigation and console operation.