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Encounter at P3M-F53T
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One of the first simulation missions to be made available for the Academy simulator is the tactical Hunt/Kill scenario. It presents an encounter between opposing forces around a planet in a distant star system, with one ship protecting a discovery made on the planet, and the other attempting to steal its secrets.

Tactical Officer Neeraj Anahira shared his experience commanding a Hunt/Kill mission in a two part blog entry. The first part covers the hunt for the enemy, using EMDAR to locate their position so that weapons can be targeted. The second part describes evading the enemy and setting up a firing solution that resulted in a successful kill for Neeraj and his crew.

These blogs are particularly interesting for their exploration of tactics and strategy, which are in a formative stage as crew spend time in the simulator and discovering what works - and what doesn't. These pioneering crew members aren’t just training in the simulator, they’re developing the tactics, strategy and procedures that future crews will rely on.

As crews become more experienced and new ship systems are released, more complex and challenging mission scenarios will become available for the simulator. We welcome suggestions for new scenarios for our growing Mission Operations team to develop.

Right now mission scenarios are run locally with a crew team in the simulator up against Mission Operations. However, the simulator is fully integrated with remote simulation systems, so crew will soon be able to join missions remotely and missions can be run between competing crew teams. The best of these will be live streamed.

Join the Action

To run your own Hunt/Kill mission, you’ll need a team of three to four crew, with one rated on impulse navigation, one on EMDAR and one on weapons direction. The mission commander should be rated across all of these.

Online training is available for all of these specialisations right now. An overview video will get you started, then you can hone your skills on the remote simulator from home or come into the Academy simulator. Either way, you’ll be supported by an instructor until you get your rating.

You’ll be able to create your team and book time in the simulator online.

Membership is free, which gives you access to information about the mission and technology to help you decide which specialisation appeals to you most. You’ll be able to join groups that match your interests and make posts.

To access online training and simulators you can upgrade to a crew subscription. This will activate your virtual career and includes simulator time every month.