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Blue Beetle Forever
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DC hero Blue Beetle hits cinemas next week.

The initially reluctant hero is teenager Jaime Reyes who gets hold of an ancient alien artifact called the Scarab, giving him incredible powers and the appearance of a giant blue beetle.

Reyes, played by Cobra Kai actor Xolo Mariduenas, is the third Blue Beetle since the hero was introduced to DC comics in 1939.

Unlike most heroes his super persona is not a secret from his family, which adds an interesting dimension. Blue Beetle is also based in fictional Palerma City, a whole new part of the DCU away from Gotham and Metropolis.

Susan Sarandon will be making her first appearance in a superhero movie as villain Victoria Kord, who wants to get her hands on the Scarab.

While the DC universe is about to be revamped, new studio boss James Gunn has told fans to expect more of Jaime Reyes going forward.

Blue Beetle premieres in Australian cinemas September 14, after an August release in the US.