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Godzilla Origin Story
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Ahead of next year’s Godzilla X Kong, which sees the legendary giant lizard team up with King Kong to battle an all new colossal threat, the original home of Godzilla has released a trailer for their own Godzilla Minus One.

Studio Toho has produced 32 films featuring Godzilla, including 2016’s franchise reboot Shin Godzilla, although this latest movie is not a sequel. Instead, it’s set in the immediate aftermath of World War 2 and appears to be revisiting the Godzilla origin story but bringing the reboot’s darker tone.

Japanese cinematic legend Takashi Yamakazi is responsible for writing and directing as well as the visual effects.

Sadly it’s not clear whether Godzilla Minus One will screen outside of Japan, although Godzilla Shin had a limited North American release with a respectable box-office so it may be of interest to a streaming service globally.

Meanwhile Legendary Picture’s Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire finished shooting in Queensland last November and so has escaped the current actor’s strike, for now. It’s due for release April next year.


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