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No One Will Save You
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Alien abduction thriller No One Will Save You hits screens next week.

The movie follows Brynn Adams, a young woman who has isolated herself in her remote family home and finds herself dealing with a visitor that has come a long way and won’t be dissuaded. It doesn’t take Brynn long to realise the intruder is no ordinary home invader.

When she leaves the house to seek help she discovers the havoc the creature has unleashed throughout her town. On her own, she fights back and ultimately uncovers the creature’s extra-terrestrial nature – some kind of insect hybrid.

Writer and director Brian Duffield has previous screenwriting credits for Love and Monsters and The Babysitter and also wrote and directed Spontaneous.

No One Will Save You hits Hulu September 22, or Disney+ where Hulu is not available.


20th Century Studios No One Will Save You | Official Trailer YouTube