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Space Junk
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It's a bird... it's a Plane... it's SpaceX debris plummeting towards our sheep paddock.

Ok, we took a slight artistic liberty there. The farmer didn't see it fall. It was believed to have fallen on July 9 and he found it several weeks later.


In Dalgety, New South Wales, which is on the banks of the Snowy River between Sydney and Melbourne.

"It was kind of exciting and weird all in the same way," astrophysicist Brad Tucker, who visited the site after local farmers contacted him last month, told AFP.

He said that finding the large chunk embedded in an empty field reminded him of something out of the sci-fi film "2001: A Space Odyssey".

"It's astounding to see it."

Don't tease.

Show us a picture! didn't but we found some here and here.

On a more serious note, with the space industry booming there is increasing risk of such debris hitting a populated area rather than ending up in the sea as intended.

Dalgety is quite some distance inland.

It being a local story the ABC covered it first but falling space junk being of potential concern to everyone on the planet, it is being reported quite widely.

[ Main Image: SpaceX debris in Dalgety. Credit. Brad Tucker via Twitter. ]


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