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Resurgence Gameplay
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A seven minute gameplay briefing with Ambassador Spock has been released for upcoming narrative adventure game, Star Trek: Resurgence.

Also another, separate four minutes of gameplay with another character receiving an engineering assignment.

Full disclosure - we've seen a LOT of Star Trek.

We know the values and language of the franchise well and the briefing gameplay made us wince, laugh out loud and exclaim in shock.

The engineering assignment we were able to sit through silently.


When describing two civilizations and their previous relationship before this conflict, one is described as "more advanced" than the other.

You could see that coming from a mile off.

With one taking advantage of the other.

This is an old tale.

In this case involving dilithium mining.

We were expecting the language to be slightly but importantly different - "more technologically advanced".

Because they're not the same and to conflate them seems at odds not only with Star Trek but with this very scenario.

By Federation standards, taking advantage of a less technologically advanced civilizations is primitive.

That is the opposite of advanced.


The Federation aims to help these parties reach a peaceful resolution.

Acting as a neutral third party.

This is an old tale.

Except the Federation has previously purchased dilithium from the "more advanced" civilization.

Even putting aside skepticism about the Federation doing business with these people, how could they possibly expect to be treated as neutral now?

Spock acknowledges this little fly in the ointment:

Captain Solano and I must make every effort to appear neutral in these negotiations.

Appear being the key word there.

And how could Spock do that?

He may creatively dance around the truth when the whole truth would be unhelpful but straight up lying is not really his thing.

"Has the Federation purchased dilithium from the Elidians?" [unsure of that spelling]

There'd be no wriggle room with that question. It's either yes or no.


Towards the end of the briefing, Spock suggests that the first officer, i.e. the player, can in an unofficial capacity ask questions which neither he nor the captain can.

It's a bit tenuous - not like the first officer is there on holiday - but, ok.

The older male captain then says of his younger female first officer.

She certainly goes her own way. Maybe that helps in this case.

During which she pulls a range of unhappy faces.

Is this supposed to be misogyny?

That kind of thing can be this subtle and not easy to judge in isolation but unless the good natured exchange of insults is a normal part of their working relationship - her pulling faces strongly suggests that it's not - then that comment is an implication of insubordination and not something which should be raised in this manner by a TNG era Starfleet captain.

Which is what he's supposed to be.

Once upon a time Star Trek had a well deserved reputation for cleverly championing worthy social causes.

This feels clumsy.

Granted it's only seven minutes out of the entire game but it's seven minutes they chose to represent it and be judged by.

Star Trek: Resurgence is slated to release in Autumn (Oz) 2022 on Xbox, PS 4/5 and on PC exclusively on Epic.


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