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Meta Cambria

We are keeping an eye out for oversized reptiles to report on Jurassic World's Dinotracker, but no, this isn't that.

Meta - formerly and more notiously known as Facebook - have revealed a preview video of what they're calling Project Cambria.

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How to Reverse Aging

You've probably seen a great many ads for terrifyingly expensive cosmetics which claim to reverse the signs of aging, full of terrifyingly beautiful people smiling and rubbing ointments into their skin.

Scientists report having successfully reversed several key signs of aging in mice in a manner which may challenge the cosmetic companies' marketing teams. Poo.

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IGN Steam Deck Review

If you've had your eye on the Steam Deck you'd probably know that IGN chose to withold their review of the device which launched nearly three weeks ago, until certain updates were released.

Those updates are now available and IGN have published both a written and video review.

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Cloaking Technology

Last week we looked at the Cana One molecular drinks printer which is functionally (though not mechanically) very close to a Star Trek replicator for drinks and Ken Kutaragi has teased that something like holodeck technology may be in the works.

If asked to name one of the other big Star Trek technologies we wouldn't expect to see especially soon, many might say cloaking.

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A Drinks Replicator

We've talked before about holographic meeting technology and Playstation creator Ken Kutaragi's tantalising tease of something approaching a Star Trek style holodeck.

A Californian company have created a device called the Cana One which is functionally though not mechanically equivalent to a drinks replicator.

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Steam Deck Launch

Valve, owners of gaming digital storefront Steam, have released handheld gaming computer the Steam Deck.

Early reviews are mixed but the broad consensus might best be summed up by The Verge's take which is that this is effectively an Early Access launch.

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Real Gauss Rifle

The Drive have published a fascinating interview with a former US Air Force Research Laboratory engineer who has developed and is selling an electromagnetic rifle.

Gauss rifles had previously been the domain of science fiction and this GR-1 Anvil is advertised as the world's first handheld one.

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DeLorean Rises Again

It seems that our Back to the Future themed blog title for Futurama's revival may have been slightly premature.

Because this week the DeLorean - probably the most iconic real-world car from a sci-fi property - is back.

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Metaverse Snub?

Bloomberg has interviewed Playstation creator Ken Kutaragi and published a piece with a metaverse "snub" claim in the title and that's being picked up on and reported by others as dismissive of the whole idea.

But a read of the interview paints a different picture.

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The Car is Over

"The car is over" is a bold claim recently made at the opening of what their owners describe as the first ever flying car store.

We would still caution you to look out for cars when crossing the road and must point out that this store doesn't actually have any flying cars to sell.


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