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Moonhaven Clip

IGN have published an exclusive clip for upcoming AMC+ series Moonhaven.

In it we see a bit simmering tension between Joe Manganiello and Emma McDonald.

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Moonhaven Trailer

AMC have released a full trailer for their upcoming Moonhaven series and as with the earlier teaser, it's not what we were expecting.

Said teaser painted a picture of creepy moon cultists masquerading as a utopian community but this trailer portrays them more as the former with elements of the latter.

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Ion Sci-Fi May 17

This week meet the new Doctor Who, The Orville coming back with longer episodes, a look at the Resident Evil TV series and gameplay footage released for Stargate RPG Timekeepers.

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Moonhaven Teaser

You might remember we brought you an unexpected and seemingly overlooked by everyone else gem from this year's US Superbowl Ads - a first, glimpse at AMC's upcoming series, Moonhaven.

Those few seconds of footage showed us the setting but gave no sense of tone. A fresh teaser fills in that blank and it's dark.

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