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ExeKiller Interview
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GamingBolt interview ExeKiller developers Paradark Studio.

Revealed just last month and with no ETA, there's very little information about the game. 

ExeKiller is a retro futuristic, single player, action adventure game with western vibes. You are a bounty hunter trying to survive in dystopian, post-apocalyptic world.

So this short interview is informative.

One thing it clarifies is genre. Many, including the author of the article, are describing the game as part cyberpunk. Paradark regard it as sci-fi / western with just a little bit of cyberpunk.

Seems like a relatively standard open world design with player choices splitting off into different storylines but with some immersive restrictions, eg. some areas being too hot to visit during the day. Hostile weather events you might need to seek shelter from.

Character progression sounds a little bit innovative and interesting.

We will not have a standard skill tree. You will be able to buy new skills in the form of softwares or extract them from the enemies. For example: If someone uses invisibility you will be able to pull it from the owner. Once you assign a certain skill you will be able to upgrade it further in special places.

Already has a Steam page and they say it will also be available on GOG. Consoles are a maybe.

[ Main Image: ExeKiller gameplay screenshot. Credit: Paradark Studio via GamingBolt. ]


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