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Gamescom Day 3
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Gamescom's third day seems to have been relatively quiet with just a little bit more from High on Life.

There's also some new Gotham Knights footage. Even though that doesn't via Gamescom we're going to slap them together.

Gotham Knights

We have the Harley Quinn boss fight played by Nightwing in which he uses several previously not shown and still unnamed momentum abilities.

There's one where he thrusts his chest out and an intensely shining Nightwing symbol stuns surrounding enemies.

Another shows him spinning around low to the ground in a wide circle hitting many enemies.

Also with intense shining.

So light is his thing?

Maybe he's not destined to be the next Dark Knight?

Small joke aside his combat style does look cool and we'd love a look at his full skill tree.

High on Life

IGN sit down with several of its developers to talk through yesterday's 25 minute gameplay reveal.

That alien sitting on your couch is a famous, former bounty hunter who offers to train you in exchange for your house when you die.

So initially he's very keen on you dying.

Eventually you get the ability to teleport the house to different places to escape the folks hunting you.

[ Main Image: Gotham Knights - Harley Quinn boss fight. Credit: IGN via YouTube. ]


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