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The Matrix Metaverse
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Holywood Reporter has published an exclusive on Warner Bros' decision to sell Matrix NFTs (non-fungible tokens, i.e. digital items).

They'll sell 100,000 unique Matrix-inspired characters, for $50 (USD) and owners will be given the movie's blue or red pill choice and some kind of ongoing engagement.

For context, the same amount could buy you a fully fledged computer game.

Could there be 100,000 Matrix fans around the globe with enough love for the franchise and spare money to throw at this?


Even if there aren't, in the interest of spruiking NFTs we'd expect them to "sell out quickly".

One of the main selling points is that NFTs, being digitally signed like blockchain currencies, have "real" value and by limiting supply, demand drives up their price over time.

So says the salespeople and you gotta trust them, right?

When the price of these is reported as having risen and you didn't buy one, next time one's available, you'll have to snatch that opportunity!

The Official Announcement

Is hilarious.

The Matrix is one of the most culturally influential movies of all time. We take it for granted, but we can barely talk about our increasingly online world without invoking one of the movie’s many timeless metaphors.

Great movie, sure, but no, not ever.

And while viewers of the original film likely couldn’t have imagined the world we are living in today, its themes have never been more relevant.

What's different?

Phones and other computer devices, entirely predictably, have gotten smaller.

And for all his talk about empowerment, individuality and freedom to look how you want - you can't.

These $50 avatars are randomised human figures.

The ability to personally define your character / avatar's appearance in both single and multi-player games is not universal but it is the norm. Because that's what most players want.

What Nifty Jeff calls "NFT avatar projects" is just their business desire to have people buy an endless stream of these pre-made avatars.

For an idea of what they're competing against, consider character creation in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis.

That's one of the more recent and sophisticated character creation systems but demonstrates the direction that games and gamers are heading in, and it's not the same as these guys.

[ Main Image: Matrix NFT avatar. Credit: Warner Bros via Medium. ]


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