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The Nevers Bonus Clip
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CBR have published an exclusive The Nevers bonus clip and article to "explain the intentions of the mysterious extraterrestrial Galanthi."

The fact that they're trying to explain this after the first season has finished demonstrates how flawed the show is.

And the explanation isn't shedding light on unrevealed intentions. The explanation is, "Nah, mate, they're all good. Trust them."

If so that could and should have been demonstrated beyond any doubt in the first season.

The Galanthi are pretty, sparkly and behave in a politically palatable manner by present day standards. But both appearances and behaviour can be deceiving and viewers know that.

It's understandable for some individuals and groups in the show to not trust them.

Jane Espenson:

There is a war over the prospect of a helpful alien species who is going to come save mankind from itself, and which many people don't want to let into their brains. They don't want help from a benevolent alien no matter how benevolent and they are willing to take the whole species down rather than let it be helped.

Has Jane let any aliens into her brain?

It wouldn't be a non-starter for everyone but surely alien-in-your-brain should be a consensual arrangement.


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