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Monster Anime

Netflix have published a trailer but no release date for a new Kaiju (i.e. giant monster) series GAMERA -Rebirth-.

Though not Kaiju fans ourselves, we enjoyed the first Pacific Rim film and also the Netflix series spin off Pacific Rim: The Black.

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Misfortune May

Netflix have published the opening sequence and given a May release to anime series Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune.

It might be ok?

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Sweet Tooth Two

For much of our time writing for this blog, Netflix has been one of the most prolific sources of sci-fi trailers. Feels like an age since we've seen anything from them.

Now there's the season 2 trailer for a surprise favourite of ours, Sweet Tooth. How exciting.

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Creepy Disney

We finally got around to watching an episode of Disney's not-a-superhero comedy Extraordinary, and while it is better than some of its promos made it appear, it was unexpectedly morally questionable.

For our tastes there's too much sex, but we don't regard sex as amoral. The problem is their treatment of consent. Spoilers ahead.

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Roses for Ed

NASA have paid a small tribute to one of our favourite shows, The Orville, by using several character names and a fictional off world medical school in an example table in an official document.

ROSES - Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences - 2023. It's not quite as interesting as a talking flower voiced by Bruce Willis but Seth and the rest of The Orville gang are probably pleased.

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Mrs Davis - Her or It?

US Network Peacock have released the trailer for as wacky as it sounds upcoming nun fighting an A.I. apocalypse series Mrs. Davis which in Australia is headed for Binge.

Comedically we wouldn't say its hitting every joke out of the park but on the whole we like what see, with two notes. One of those is potentially problematic.

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More From Stan

We rarely see much in the way of sci-fi news from local streaming provider Stan but a recent promotion with accompanying trailer says they're home to a "critically acclaimed" sci-fi horror called From, heading into its second season.

Colour us curious.

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Subversive Habits

Speaking ahead of Mrs. Davis' pre-release screening at Austin's SXSW event to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producers Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof have touched on the sometimes touchy topic of religion, as did we.

Saying that it felt "subversive and terrifying" to write a cool nun-heroine at a time when religious professionals are rarely viewed as heroic.

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Amazon Rescues Batman

From that title you might surmise that Wonder Woman has hauled Bruce's butt out of some proverbial fire but in this instance the Amazon we're referring to is the streamer.

Last year HBO cancelled in development animated series Batman: Caped Crusader, and Amazon have snapped it up with a two season order.

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Shatner Shunned

A new Star Trek promotional poster is making headlines for its notable exclusion of original leading man, William Shatner as Captain Kirk.

Every other commanding officer or equivalent is featured but representing the original crew are Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Uhura (Nichelle Nichols).


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