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Moonhaven Clip

IGN have published an exclusive clip for upcoming AMC+ series Moonhaven.

In it we see a bit simmering tension between Joe Manganiello and Emma McDonald.

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Paper Girls Trailer

Amazon have released their trailer for upcoming time-traveling tale Paper Girls.

Feeling no sense of nostalgia for the 1980s this isn't a series aimed at us and unsurprisingly none of its promos have connected.

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Another Night Sky First

Amazon's Night Sky was the first series beamed into space and now it's the first interstellar series to have been cancelled.

We're saddened by the news - it's an excellent series - but not surprised.

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Stargate Speculation

Stargate SG-1's 25th anniversary is fast approaching - July 27 - and we've speculated that with MGM now owned by Amazon, if they are planning to revive the series, that would be an attractive date for the announcement.

Yesterday YouTube in it's algorithmic wisdom presented us with a video claiming to have inside news on that front.

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Wife Cancelled

HBO have cancalled The Time Traveler's Wife in its first season which The Hollywood Reporter details only drew a small crowd.

With a 38% / 85% critic / viewer Rotten Tomatoes score, based on an extremely low 286 viewer ratings, possibly it's good for what it is but not something a lot of people want to watch.

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Edgerunners Credits

Netflix's upcoming animated Cyberpunk: Edgerunners series is one we've been eager to see for quite some time.

Its credits? No. But that's what Netflix have published as a promotion.

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For All Mankind S4

Apple haven't officially renewed their Ronald D. Moore series For All Mankind but Production Weekly which publishes data for entertainment works has listed:


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No Name Trivia Show

And now for something completely different.

What began as an Australian lockdown Facebook trivia group with a bit of a sci-fi leaning has gone global as a weekly show that still includes but isn't limited to trivia.

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Stranger Breakings

The second volume of season four of Stranger Things released this week and may have temporarily broken Netflix as eager fans tried to stream it.

Of more interest though is the series breaking a Nielsen record of 7.2 billion minutes viewed in a single week (May 30 - June 5).

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A Swift Death

CW's Tom Swift has been cancelled a little over half way through its short eight episode first season.

Deadline imply that the show's poor performance might not be the real reason it was dusted, citing "speculation" about the plans of CW's soon to be new owners for a more "wholesome" lineup.


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