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In July last year, AMC hailed Moonhaven as their most watched AMC+ exclusive series and their second most watched new series. Also renewing it for a second season.

Now they've cancelled it, amid a slew of cost cutting measures.

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A Safe Space

Amazon's singular supehero series The Boys certainly includes some very dark elements but even when the gore is flying, spinning, whizzing through the air and or dripping from every surface, the tone is more often comedic than grim.

Spinoff Gen V showrunners Michelle Fazekas and Tara Butters also have a history of genre dramas with a healthy comedic sheen, so it's surprising that our first look at their new series is all bloody and terrifying.

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Borderland Trailer

Fresh from Netflix we have a trailer for season 2 of trapped in a game series Alice in Borderland.

The accompanying synopsis teases that its characters continue to attempt to unravel the mystery of their entrapment.

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Last Dragon

HBO's upcoming zombie apocalypse drama The Last of Us starring Games of Thrones' Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey just upped the dragon factor in their trailer.

Ending with a giant reptilian thing climbing out of a pit. We don't want to say lizard because its front feet look more like human hands.

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Newish Doctor Who

The BBC have unveiled what they're calling a new(ish) logo for Doctor Who's 60th anniversary.

Coming off a controversial thirteenth Doctor and amidst big changes like the Disney deal and a bigger budget, they're leaning into tradition for this one.

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Wool Clip

Included in a looking to Winter and beyond preview for Apple TV+ is the shortest tease for an upcoming sci-fi title that we've seen.

Just three words. I'm not afraid.

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Hot Mess

We watch and enjoy a lot of Netflix content, and if anything, their promos sometimes make titles appear better than they are.

Hot Skull's teaser didn't impress us and now its trailer has left us scratching our heads.

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Doctor Dumb Funny Record

The Mirror claims that villainous spinoffs are in the works for Doctor Who courtesy of their Disney deal.

Fans can expect to see Sontarans, Weeping Angels and Sea Devils in separate series showing what they get up to when the Doctor isn’t there to stop them, along with Daleks and Cybermen.

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Cyberfffunk Edgerunners

CD Projekt Red have put together a short video with the opening music - Franz Ferdinand's This Fffire - from the Netflix anime adaptation Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Fans might enjoy it.

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Mass Effect Love

Violet McVinne, A former cinematic designer for Bioware, has tweeted video footage of a private joke type additional ending to action roleplaying game Mass Effect 3.

It's a little bit romantic. Player character Sheppard makes out with bad guy the Illusive Man.


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