Join the Adventure

Our starship simulator has been built to train the crew for Endeavour’s live weekly adventures in deep space.

Until that launches you can experience your own adventures by booking simulator time and selecting a mission that appeals to you.

And who knows – if you excel in the simulator it could be you joining Endeavour’s crew!

Choose Your Mission

An always expanding range of missions presenting different tactical, scientific or diplomatic challenges can be run in the simulator.

Missions can take as little as an hour to complete, although as you gain experience you’ll be able to tackle more demanding missions.

Check out the latest missions:

This EMDAR evolution involves tracking a stationery TSMO that begins just on the edge of EMDAR range...

This impulse evolution involves maneuvering the vessel in a series of inbound and outbound approaches...

The vessel is attacked by an unknown but tracked threat. The attacks cause damage to key systems and...

This mission scenario provides experience with starship combat tactics. 

Form Your Crew

You can’t fly a starship by yourself – you’ll need a crew to help operate different ship systems.

Here are some of the crew roles typically needed on missions:

Skill Up

A physical simulator is more complex than a computer game. Each crew member will need the skills necessary to operate their ship system.

It’s free to access training online at the Academy and courses for each ship system can be completed in minutes. Courses include videos and remote simulator access so you can practise your skills at home.

You and your crew will also have access to free time in the simulator with an instructor prior to your first mission.

Sign Up

Membership is free and grants access to the crew website which contains more detailed information about the mission and the technology concepts and systems used on Endeavour.

You’ll get regular updates and can collaborate with other members and crew in dedicated forums. And of course you'll be able to enrol in online training courses and book simulator time.

Your profile will display your skills, experience and rank as you gain them. 

When you sign up, you'll be asked what specialisation and career track you're interested in. Follow the links to find out more about what this means, or you can skip those selections for now and we'll help you decide later.