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Warframe Prime Resurgence
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Starting on November 16, online sci-fi shooter / RPG Warframe is running a special event, Prime Resurgence, allowing players to unlock 2 Prime Warframes per week through to January 18 for a total of 18.

The complete schedule and all details about the event are available here.

There is also a trailer detailing the story so far and a tease at the end.

Finally a quest guide which presumably is handy for new players.

They have previously "unvaulted" retired Prime frames but mass events like this are rare or possibly new. We are only passingly familiar with the game.

Unlike most RPGs which restrict players to a specific class, Warframe allows players to collect and master multiple technological suits called Warframes.

Prime Warframes are enhanced versions of those suits but can only be unlocked during limited time events.

Outside of those events either you can't or need to buy those Prime frames from players who have unlocked them. Or wear the inferior regular suits.

They're about to introduce their 48th frame so an event like this allowing you to unlock 18 would give you a nice boost.

Warframe's gameplay is quite solid and in the realm of free to play titles, its business model is inoffensive.

It is easy to understand the game's popularity and success.

[ Main Image: Warframe. Credit: Digital Extremes. ]


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