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A Drinks Replicator
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We've talked before about holographic meeting technology and Playstation creator Ken Kutaragi's tantalising tease of something approaching a Star Trek style holodeck.

A Californian company have created a device called the Cana One which is functionally though not mechanically equivalent to a drinks replicator.

Rather than energy to matter conversion which is still comfortably within the realm of science fiction, the machine can mix up to 84 compounds with water, alcohol and sugar to create drinks.

They're calling it a molecular drinks printer.

There are a relatively small number of compounds which humans can taste. Naturally produced wine might contain about 500 compounds but only about 30-40 make up its flavour.

This drinks printer doesn't make exact replicas of regular drinks. It just works with those human taste range compounds.

CNET have tested it and starting with the important taste factor, they said drinks are good but don't taste exactly like their conventional equivalents.

The Pitch

Apart from drinks replicator coolness factor, the main selling points for the device are choice and the environment.

Those 84 compounds can be combined into a near endless array of drink flavours.

Though it won't be for users to mix and experiment with.

Users will be presented with a wide range of different drinks concocted by others, who will earn money when you select one of their drinks.

As will socia media influencers who recommend them.

The environment is the other big winner.

No plastic bottles mostly filled with water being shipped sometimes incredibly long distances.

It's just little packages of those 84 compounds.

The Price

Cheaper than regular drinks by a margin of about 25-30% - 29c for a carboanted beverage or $2 per cocktail.

Or in Aussie dollars, 40c and $2.70.

But rather than buying compound packages and just making whatever you like, you're charged per drink.

If you've played near future roleplaying video game Cyberpunk 2077 you might have, like us, been slightly moritified by the presence of a food and drink vending machine inside your own apartment.

The environmental benefits and the cheaper cost of the Cana One drinks printer could have extremely broad appeal but this device might be a stepping stone towards a future where we're nickel and dimed at every turn even inside our own homes.

You also need to buy the machine.

They're selling the first 10,000 for $499 and later machines for $799.

Or in Aussie dollars, $680 initial or $1090 later.

Regardless of their business model, it sounds like a remarkable technology with significant environmental benefits and even if you can't afford or don't want this one, the norm with new technologies is for them to become cheaper and more accessible over time.

Not Available in Australia

They're not selling these to Australian customers yet.

Click on the Reserve button and you'll receive that notification and an offer to take your details so they can inform you when they are available here.

Their business model includes free compound refills mailed to customers and they likely wouldn't want to be individually mailing those around the globe from the US.

[ Main Image: Cana One. Credit: Cana One via YouTube. ]


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