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The Boys Brother

It has long been known that a live action university based The Boys spinoff is in development but it has only just now been given a name.

Gen V.

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Stranger Breakings

The second volume of season four of Stranger Things released this week and may have temporarily broken Netflix as eager fans tried to stream it.

Of more interest though is the series breaking a Nielsen record of 7.2 billion minutes viewed in a single week (May 30 - June 5).

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More of The Boys

Amazon have renewed The Boys for a fourth season.

As usual they don't dish up viewer numbers but say that the audience has grown by 17% from season two, and 234% from season one.

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The Boys S3 Trailer

Courtesy of Amazon, we now have a trailer for The Boys season 3 and it clears up the mystery from their earlier teaser - Billy's superpowers.

We particularly appreciate the opening with Homelander repeatedly spewing carefully crafted and sanitised sound bytes to distance himself from his season 2 Nazi signifant other.

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Ion Sci-Fi 15 March

In this week’s edition, a first look at Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the latest Marvel hero joining the MCU this month, we talk to a visual effects expert about his work on sci-fi movies and the final nominations for the Ion Sci-Fi Awards – the best film category.

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The Boys Season 3 Teaser

We now have the first teaser trailer for season 3 of The Boys and it's a shocker.

On first view it's non-stop action set to a snappy tune and the standout is what appears to be supe-hating Billy (Karl Urban) now with laser beam eye superpowers, but upon closer examination - much pausing - there's a lot more to this.

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The Boys Diabolical

Amazon have set a March 4 premiere date and released a trailer for The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

Even being a fan of The Boys and having seen other adult animated programming, this two and a half minute trailer left us wide-eyed.

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The Boys Drama Shock

TV Guide Magazine’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy Special Collector’s Issue includes an exclusive interview with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke. TV Insider have published an excerpt.

In it he admits to shock at the show's emmy nomination for best drama.

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The Boys: Diabolical

During the Brazil Comic-Con held over the weekend, Amazon had an unusual announcement.

A new show reveal - an animated series based on The Boys, titled Diabolical - and rather than this being some title just now going into production with a distant or no ETA, this one is coming soon.

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The Boys on Masculinity

TV Insider reports that season 3 of The Boys will be "a meditation on toxic masculinity" according to showrunner Eric Kripke.

Possibly this will inspire many cries of, "Not more woke garbage," all across the internet in the coming days.

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