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Edgerunners Credits
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Netflix's upcoming animated Cyberpunk: Edgerunners series is one we've been eager to see for quite some time.

Its credits? No. But that's what Netflix have published as a promotion.

Once upon a time big opening credits scenes were the norm.

But with recording also came the option of fast-forwarding through them, which most people exercised.

Shorter opening credits became more common. Sometimes even just a quick title screen and straight into the episode.

On Netflix - which this show will be on - there's a handy button to skip opening credits.

End credits? Another button to skip past, straight to the next episode.

Edgerunners have shoved all of their end credit details into the opening credits.

Is it even worth rolling our eyes?

Skipped at either end of an episode it's all the same to viewers.

Published as a pre-release promotion?

It's a bad sad really.

When The Orville season 3 was delayed and they gave us the beginning of the first episode including the new opening credits, that was different.

There was content and in traditional Star Trek fashion opening credits which are a glorious ensemble of space scenes.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds also published their opening credits as a promotion just prior to its premiere.

Like Edgerunners they've crammed a lot of end credits into the opening but in a modestly sized font with fancy space scenes.

Edgerunners' opening is just a lot of colour and names.

Total yawn.

Hopefully the show won't be.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is scheduled to release on Netflix in September.

[ Main Image: Cyberpunk Edgerunners opening credits. Credit: Netflix via YouTube. ]


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