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In this week's edition: Dune is nearly here, we witness a Discovery recovery and more great sci-fi on the way for December! Ahead of this weekend’s Oz Comic-Con in Sydney Raymond talks to panelist and comic artist Daniel Picciotto about what to expect at the event.

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Ion Sci-Fi Video

In this week’s edition Raymond is joined by our North American correspondent Christian Baines for his take on Dune and the latest sci-fi news from Hollywood - including a possible reboot of Stargate. We see what's hitting Australian screens this week and take a look ahead to what's coming in January.

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Dune Delayed

Dune: Part Two's cinematic release has been delayed from October 17 to November 20, 2023 in the US with a similar delay expected here in Australia.

Nothing more to say about this one.

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Dune Open World

Over three years ago, Funcom announced a six-year partnership to release a minimum of three Dune computer games.

At the time one of the few details provided was that one would be an open world multiplayer going into pre-production in 2019.

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Spice Wars Release Date

Funcom have announced the early access release date of April 26 for strategy game, Dune: Spice Wars.

Also entirely unsurprisingly revealing the Fremen as one of the playable factions.

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Dune BAFTA Wins

Jane Campion did quite well this weekend with her The Power of the Dog winning best film at both the Directors Guild of America Awards and the British Academy Film Awards, and her best director at the BAFTAs.

Dune missed out on best film at the DGAs but cleaned up at the BAFTAs with five wins - cinematography, original score, production design, sound and special visual effects - out of eleven nominations.

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Ion Sci-Fi 22 Feb

In this week’s edition, Doctor Strange is back to fix the multiverse, Steam shows off upcoming games, new time-bending sci-fi from the UK and the first technical category for the Ion Sci-Fi Awards.

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Dune Spice Wars Trailer

It has been a good week for Dune. The film surpassed 400 million in global box office takings and Funcom also released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming real time strategy (RTS) game, Dune: Spice Wars.

Set on Arrakis you control one of four factions - House Atreidies, House Harkonnen and two not yet revealed - to battle for territorial control.

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Oscar Noms

Nominees for The 94th Academy Awards have been announced and largely thanks to Dune, sci-fi is well respresented.

Dune came overall second for number of nominations with ten behind The Power of the Dog with twelve.

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BAFTA Darling Dune

A welcome sight in the newstream this morning is a small avalanche of articles whose titles declare Dune leading the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award nominations.

Dune received an impressive eleven nominations out of a total of twenty-five categories.


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