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A trailer has been released for season four of alt-history series For All Mankind.

Previous seasons have each moved on one decade from the first, which was centred on the 1969 moon landing – although in this timeline the Soviets got there first.

Last season was set in the nineties and followed the first manned landings on Mars, which was a three-way race between NASA, the Soviets and resources company Helios.

The latest season is set in the 2000’s and the teaser is in the form on an in-show promo for Helios, plugging the benefits to humanity of their mining activities on the red planet.

Returning cast includes Joel Kinnaman is back as 60’s astronaut hero Ed Baldwin, now the public face of Helios. Also back is Wrenn Schmidt as former NASA Director Margo Madison, last seen looking out over Red Square having escaped an FBI investigation after being assumed killed in a terrorist attack.

They’ll be joined by new regulars including Toby Kebbell, Tyner Rushing and Svetlana Efremova.

For All Mankind season four is due for release on Apple TV+ November 10.


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